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Black Liberation Theory Creator James Cone Dies

ARISE NEWS pays tribute to the father of “Black Liberation Theology” James Cone. His books “Black Theology and Black Power,” “A Black Theology of Liberation,” and “God of the Oppressed” transformed the relationship many people had with institutionalized religion. His friend and colleague Dr. Obery Hendricks reflected on Cone’s legacy.  https://youtu.be/DJzy6Jfbvto

Mitt Romney & Mormon Racism

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JpaCcTqGsc&feature=youtu.be Obery Hendricks speaks to Ed Schultz on MSNBC about the apparent racist sentiments in the Book of Mormon and what Mitt Romney should say in response to those passages.

President Obama, the Bible and Same Sex Marriage

https://youtu.be/d0-NQk1QmRk Some African-American pastors have criticized President Obama for his embrace of marriage equality. Bishop Harry Jackson Jr., Senior Pastor at Hope Christian, is one of them. He says same-sex marriage is “an assault” on society. Michael Eric Dyson and Professor Obery Hendricks will try and school Bishop Jackson and show him the light.

The Politics of Jesus

Dr. Obery Hendricks, Jr., a professor of Biblical Interpretation at the New York Theological Seminary, discusses his book, “The Politics of Jesus,” and provides a more radical interpretation of Jesus’ teachings. This is a conversation with Tony Brown.

Pope Francis Visits America

Dr. Obery M. Hendricks, Jr. tells us why Pope Francis’ visit to the U.S. will make an impact on American social justice movements Dr. Obery Hendricks, Jr., Senior Fellow for Faith and Opportunity for The Opportunity Agenda shares his thoughts on Pope Francis’ views on immigration and what the Bible teaches about embracing immigrants.